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Brandenburg vernetzt
     +++   13.12.2019 Malsommer-Bäume in Falkensee  +++     
     +++   13.12.2019 Geschichten aus der Märchentruhe  +++     
     +++   13.12.2019 Critical Mass  +++     
     +++   13.12.2019 Weihnachtskonzert der HavelChorallen  +++     
     +++   14.12.2019 Malsommer-Bäume in Falkensee  +++     
     +++   14.12.2019 Adventsmarkt am Heizhaus  +++     


During the last years the number of overnight-stays in the “City of Falkensee” has increased continuously. Many of our guests are interested in our city, but more often they are interested in the metropolitan area of Berlin.


Falkensee is very attractive for guests due to its convenient location directly at the border of Berlin. Fully developed roads, motorways and good public transport ensure short travel times to all important places in the capital.