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Brandenburg vernetzt
     +++   06.12.2019 Malsommer-Bäume in Falkensee  +++     
     +++   06.12.2019 Geschichten aus der Märchentruhe  +++     
     +++   06.12.2019 Weihnachtsmarkt in der Oberschule  +++     
     +++   06.12.2019 Falkenseer Weihnachtsfeier  +++     
     +++   07.12.2019 Malsommer-Bäume in Falkensee  +++     
     +++   07.12.2019 Adventsmarkt am Heizhaus  +++     

Mayor greeting


Mayor Heiko Müller

Welcome to the official website of the “City of Falkensee”!


I am very pleased that you show your interest in the “City of Falkensee”. We are trying to offer you as many information as you need about our city.


Furthermore you (as a visitor of our city) will get to know about our sights, cultural and spare-time activities as well as information about accommodation during your stay in Falkensee. Our website is permanently updated and extended.


You are welcome to contact me directly. Just send an e-mail about your wishes, suggestions and questions to . Now please enjoy your stay on our website.



Heiko Müller