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About Falkensee

 city festival

The city of living and leisure time in the west of Berlin


Since the day the “City of Falkensee” emerged from the shadows of the Berlin wall, it had experienced a building boom and a population increase, that even exceeded the growth of the former rural commune that happened in the twenties and thirties of the last century. At that time colonies like Neu-Finkenkrug, Falkenhain and Seegefeld Süd were founded. This development was stopped due to the second world war and the construction of the Berlin wall, and was only allowed to continue in the 1990s. Large-scale house building of terrace houses, tenements and city mansions formed the garden city of “Falkenhöh”, the “Parkstadt”in the living area of “Falkenhorst” as well as “Seegefeld-Ost”. Also attractive for people moving here are many opportunities to build their family home on unbuilt areas in residential streets.


From the young...


In every aspect the “City of Falkensee” is a very young town. Not until 1961 it received town ordinances and privileges. But that is not the only reason for Falkensee to be considered as young. Many young families moved and are still moving here and the city of Falkensee is offering them many opportunities. There are 24 institutions offering day care for children and a wide network of day nannies. Three primary schools have been built within the last ten years, other schools have been fully reconstructed, but that is no reason for the city to settle. Within the next five years, other schools will be extended and modernised as well.


… to the young at heart...


But the “City of Falkensee” is also attractive for elderly people. Not only a few senior citizens are moving here because their children are living here. There are many age-based forms of living as well as associations and organisations which are offering leisure time activities for the elderly. A comprehensive selection of cultural and sport activities is offered to everybody.


… the gate to Havelland district


Directly after leaving Berlin through the western gates, the Havelland district begins. You can experience it everywhere in its largest town. The “Falkenhagen See”, the “Lindenweiher”, the “Schlaggraben”, the adjoined Bredow forest, the homely living area Waldheim or many green corridors that is what composes the city. Falkensee originated in 1923 from the joining of the villages “Falkenhagen” and “Seegefeld”. In parts their historical centres are still visible today.



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